Kaspersky on gender equality and child safety: “Cybersecurity is not only a rewarding and exciting career but it also does a lot of good in the world”

Kaspersky Lab has released its latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report – revealing the work being done to promote gender equality in the technology industry across the globe.

The security company has also outlined how it is encouraging child education about digital security.

“Kaspersky Lab is a proud advocate for gender equality in the technology industry. We understand that diverse workforces make businesses more successful, productive and dynamic, and we are committed to promoting careers in cybersecurity to women,” said the firm.

“We believe cybersecurity is not only a rewarding and exciting career but it also does a lot of good in the world to protect people, businesses and organisations from cyberthreats. We need more women to help us plug the skills gap and widen the industry’s perspective on those threats.”

Kaspersky Lab’s sponsorship of Girls in Tech’s AMPLIFY competition – a competition for female entrepreneurs to exhibit their business achievements – is one of the initiatives the company supports in its aim to help more women pursue their passion for digital products and services. Through PwC’s Tech She Can charter, Kaspersky Lab is also committed to increasing the number of women working in technology roles.

Kaspersky Lab said it is also helping parents keep their children safe through technology with solutions including the Kaspersky Safe Kids mobile app that allows parents to locate their children at all times.

The company also regularly organises Safe Kids roadshows to raise awareness about child safety on the internet. Children aged between 7 and 13 in Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as parts of East Asia, have been taught how to keep themselves safe in both real and virtual life situations that could lead to danger.

Additionally, Kaspersky Lab employees support charitable causes through volunteering and organise events to help people in need. Initiatives range from delivering vital supplies to an orphanage in Udomlya, to raising funds for the American Cancer Society and the Cure for Alzheimer’s Fund, along with those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“In the 21 years of our company’s history we’ve come a long way – in many aspects. Corporate social responsibility may not be the most obvious one, but it’s still very important for the development of our corporate culture. It’s also our contribution to making the world outside our company’s walls a safer, better place. We focus on projects close to our line of work, like providing access to free security solutions or teaching kids about online safety, but we also have projects to ensure gender equality, and to promote STEM education,” said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky Lab.

“I’m also very happy that we can share the results of the work done not only in our headquarters, but also in offices all around the globe with their own local volunteering programs and other charitable undertakings.”

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