ASUS unveils Prime X299-Deluxe II and ROG Dominus Extreme motherboards

ASUS has unveiled new Prime X299-Deluxe II and ROG Dominus Extreme motherboards, promising to offer “new levels of performance and options” for the Intel Core X-Series processor family.

The updated Intel Core X-Series processors boast a lot more of everything, including cores, cache and bandwidth. The additional processing power plows through CPU-intensive tasks, while the extra bandwidth lets you add more GPUs and NVMe SSDs to accelerate a wider range of workloads.

ASUS’s new motherboards have been designed to exploit the strengths of each CPU. The Prime X299-Deluxe II gives professionals and power users a flexible foundation for serious work, while the ROG Dominus Extreme “shows what’s possible when our engineers have the freedom to go beyond traditional boundaries” – as the manufacturer puts it.

“Unlike with our last generation of X299 boards, the Prime X299-Deluxe II drops support for four-core Kaby Lake-X CPUs to focus on providing the best experience for chips with higher core counts and more connectivity. With up to 18 cores, four memory channels, and 44 PCIe lanes, these processors demand a lot more juice than typical desktop CPUs,” said ASUS.

“Higher power requirements are balanced by beefier heatsinks that carefully balance mass and surface area to maximise thermal dissipation. The VRM cooling has enough headroom to push CPUs beyond stock speeds if you want even more performance, and our 5-Way Optimisation software makes it easy to get the most out of your individual chip and cooling. Effective cooling arrives with Fan Xpert 4 that can automatically adjust RPMs based on input from a range of sources, including onboard sensors, wired thermistors, and even the GPU diode on select graphics cards.”

Intel’s new lineup now includes a Skylake-X based chip with 28 cores. ASUS designed the ROG Dominus Extreme around this processor.

“This board is all about applying ROG sensibilities on a much larger scale. Despite the fact that it occupies a massive 14” x 14” EEB form factor, there’s no room to spare. The socket is flanked by a dozen DDR4 DIMM slots with support for up to 192GB of RAM, and the memory is bookended by dual DIMM.2 modules with room for four NVMe SSDs between them. Dual U.2 ports provide connectivity for additional NVMe drives, while four PCIe x16 slots line up for a stack of graphics cards. To bypass bottlenecks, that’s all connected directly to the CPU,” said ASUS.

The manufacturer has also released BIOS updates for existing X299-series motherboards, adding support for the Intel Core X-Series processors family. The latest BIOS updates are now available for download from the official ASUS website. 

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