Tool launched to test your cyber vulnerability

Cyber security experts, former government officials and defence employees have clubbed together to launch a new tool to tackle cyber security.

XQ Cyber has launched its CyberScore tool in order to ‘help organisations of all sizes and sectors assess their current cyber security posture and bolster their defences’, at scale, and for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional penetration testing. As a result of using its product, XQ Cyber believes organisations stand to save thousands of pounds by more regular, scalable and automated penetration testing

“At XQ Cyber, we’re on a mission to help organisations gain a far clearer understanding of the importance of cybersecurity within a business”, said David Carroll, CEO of XQ Cyber. “CyberScore will not only give businesses an easy-to-understand rating of the security of their own networks and those of any third parties they deal with, but will also advise on how to fix any issues that arise, how to get well again, and how to communicate the health of their network with suppliers.”

“With CyberScore, organisations will be able to apply smart technology to basic problems in order to assess the cybersecurity of themselves, their suppliers and their partners,” continued Carroll. “Much like a credit rating is used to demonstrate a company’s financial reliability; the ultimate goal is for ‘CyberScore’ to enter the lexicon and used to communicate the strength of a company’s cybersecurity.”

Born of the need to simplify the practice of cyber security and educate organisations and their employees in the process, the tool automates penetration testing and expands it from a narrow view to an evidence-based assessment of the internal network and wider supply chain of suppliers and partners – in a matter of seconds.

After downloading and running the software across a network, businesses are provided with a free, top level summary of the organisational calculated risk rating. Detailed technical reports and high level assessments for the board can also be provided for a fee, and are designed to show any potential vulnerabilities on the network. It can also assess the likelihood of an organisation passing a Cyber Essentials certification.

Rupert Lee-Browne, CEO, Caxton FX added: “As a fast-growth financial business, we need confidence that not only are our networks super-secure, but that our cyber security partner is able to provide a truly scalable system. With outside actors targeting financial companies far more than ever before, and Category One attacks now considered an inevitability by the NCSC and industry, a tool such as CyberScore enables us to remain as secure as possible in our networks to avoid a potentially crippling cyber-attack.”

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