Qualcomm hits Apple with three lawsuits over iPhone X patent infringements

Qualcomm has breathed fresh life into its ongoing dispute with Apple. Launching not one, not two, but three lawsuits, the chipmaker is attempting to get Apple’s iPhone X banned for copyright infringements.

Filing three new patent infringement complaints against Apple, Qualcomm claims that there are 16 more of its patents that Apple is using in its iPhones

Apple and Qualcomm have been embroiled in an ongoing legal battle following Apple’s decision to sue Qualcomm in January for charging unfair royalties and refusing to pay quarterly rebates. Exchanging jabs ever since, the most recent was landed by Qualcomm who filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple and requested an import ban on certain iPhone models.

Embattled Qualcomm is also facing a daily fine of €580,000 for withholding information from EU antitrust regulators. Losing its appeal against the penalty in a EU court, the US chipmaker now must hand over the documents demanded by the antitrust regulators or face racking up an enormous fine.

Court President Marc Jaeger dismissed the appeal saying that there was no evidence as to why Qualcomm should withhold the information from regulators. "The applicant does not claim that its financial viability would be at risk or that its market share could be affected substantially," he said. "Furthermore, it does not give any explanation as to why it would be impossible to seek compensation for the alleged financial costs it would suffer by answering the questions."

The new complaints represent the latest development in the long-standing dispute that is unlikely to go away any time soon. 

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