Life in the Channel: D-Link’s Paul Routledge

D-Link’s UK and Ireland country manager talks about inter-office rivalries and visits to radio stations

How long have you been at D-Link and what are your key responsibilities?

I have been at D-Link for nearly seven years now. I spent my first two and half years at D-Link in the role of business development manager across D-Link Europe, before progressing to the role I currently hold which is the country manager for the UK and Ireland. Professionally, I’ve learnt so much in that time, and it’s been an exciting experience being part of D-Link’s evolution as it celebrates its third decade in the networking industry. Today, my main responsibility is leading a team of professionals to develop the business in the UK and Ireland. Along with customer facing activities, I focus on developing a great team of individuals to create a sustainable and profitable business.

What does an average work day look like for you?

Although it’s cliché to say this, there really is no such thing as a normal working day for me. Because my role consists of many varied aspects and no one day is the same, this keeps me on my toes and my role interesting. You can find me in the office meeting with the team, out visiting one of our distribution partners, meeting with partners and planning new collaborations. I also get involved in PR activities; for instance, we recently spent a day being interviewed by numerous radio stations to raise brand awareness across the UK during Parental Advice Week. It was fascinating to get behind the scenes in a busy radio studio, and not a little bit frightening at all! 

What are the best and worst aspects of your role?

The best part of the job is definitely calculating the overachievement payments for the team. As a Yorkshireman I do tend to be a bit careful with spending, but I am always very happy to pay everyone that overachieves. Similarly, I really enjoy seeing people within the team develop their potential and achieve their goals.Hand on heart, I’m less keen on the admin side of the role, but that’s an essential component of my role that I have to live with. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that if I never saw a spreadsheet or PowerPoint slide again, it would be too soon.

Do you remember any role models or people who helped you out in particular when you were getting started in your career?

I’ve had so much advice throughout my career from some wonderful people which I am very grateful for. I wouldn’t like to single out specific people as I’d hate to think I had missed someone out, but they know who they are.

Do you have a rivalry with any other country managers at D-Link?

By nature, all the D-Link country managers are very competitive, we all want to be the best in our individual markets as well as within the company. This healthy competition is exemplified by the annual President’s Club Award which is awarded to the European Business Unit with the best performance throughout the year, not just linked to sales but also profitability and contribution. I am happy to say that the UKI team have been worthy winners during my tenure as country manager.

How can people get in touch with you?

While I normally respond well to shouts of ‘Paul! Paul!’ a more effective way to get in touch with me is via Linkedin or alternatively, for D-Link sales enquiries, the team can be reached on

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