London risks losing young talent to other tech hubs

London is at risk of losing young talent to ‘more attractive digital hubs’, according to a recent report. Titled The Top Global Hubs to Start a Career in Digital, the report by Distinctly ranked London 16 out of 18 digital hubs analysed. Based on five key indicators, from early career earning prospects to quality of life, London scored highest on the average number of holidays for employees, but ranks low for average annual income for starter digital careers, cost of living, happiness index and disposable income – standing at just £324 per month.

Sydney came out top of the pile overall, with the highest average disposable income for digital workers at £1,657 per month alongside great infrastructure and investment for innovation. Amsterdam came in second, with Montreal and Berlin making up the top four. Suprisingly, Silicon Valley in San Francisco ranked just one place higher than London, with Bangalore and Singapore taking the bottom two places on the index.

Netflix and Uber choose Amsterdam as their European base for the city’s great work-life balance. Amsterdam regularly tops happiness surveys, with happiness found to be not only important for health, but proven to increase productivity and ultimately performance.

Managing director of Distinctly, Tom Shurville, said: “A career in digital opens up opportunities to work in an exciting industry where you can build your skill set as you travel the world. We’re seeing a trend for graduates and those just beginning their digital careers wishing to combine travel experience with building a viable career.”

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