Intel’s next-gen CPUs have a name

Intel has quietly leaked out a slither of info about its next-generation desktop chips. And it’s not just the 8th-generation’s name, but also apparently the 9th-gen as well.

As spotted by The Register, Intel’s code name page has recently added products called ‘Ice Lake’ which, it succinctly describes as the ‘8th generation Intel Core processor family’ range available to early access users.

However, clicking through to the page for the actual product we are shown the following description: "The Ice Lake processor family is a successor to the 8th generation Intel Core processor family. These processors utilize Intel’s industry-leading 10 nm+ process technology."

Obviously there appears to be something of a discrepency here which presents one of two scenarios:

  1. Both generations will, confusingly, be called ‘Ice Lake’ or;
  2. There’s been a bit of a mixup on Intel’s part.

The latter is definitely the more likely of the situations, with Intel historically givine each new generation and architecture a new name. Also, the code name page also makes reference to three different ‘Coffee Lake’ products in pre-release status which are widely believed to be the 8th-gen chips. That probably means that ‘Ice Lake’ will be the 9th-gen chips. 

It is expected that the 8th-generation processors – whatever they are called – will make their bow later this Summer. 

The way that Intel has named its chips hasn’t really had much to do with the processors themselves, but could ‘Ice Lake’ be hinting at components that run at record-low temperatures? Only time will tell.

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