Utopia’s new desktop is a quad CPU beast that starts at £23,000

Kilmarnock-based system builder Utopia Computers has gone all-out with its latest creation – the Sonox C4 – that it calls the ‘world’s fastest desktop PC’ that also happens to be the first watercooled Quad CPU system in Europe.

It might be a bold claim, but the system builder backs it up with some pretty jaw-dropping specs. Coming equipped with four Intel Xeon E7 CPUs installed on a SuperMicro motherboard, the system is configurable up to 96 cores, 192 threads and a staggering 2TB of memory with a 4TB option on the way (your eyes don’t deceive you, that’s RAM, not storage). 

And the price tag is just as staggering, starting at £23,362 and rising to £83,311. 

Obviously this isn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill system for any old user, and in fact this system in particular was an entirely bespoke system initially made to order, said Utopia director Craig Hume: “Over the last few years we have been building ever faster and more exciting computers. We listen to the needs of our clients and while we are a hardware manufacturer, we also believe we are a solutions provider. The new C4 range of Sonox PCs was born from the requirements of an individual client. Now that we have served that client we are excited to offer this solution to everyone.” 

“We believe in working closely with our clients to help create the perfect specification for their needs.” added Andrew Robinson, workstation specialist at Utopia. “We take the time to understand the outcomes that our clients are looking to achieve. At this level of system, each part down the the individual fan mounts, are hand picked to ensure the ultimate in performance and reliability.” 

If you want to see just how mad you can make the workstation, have a look at Utopia’s system configuator here.

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