Microsoft expands HoloLens program as it focuses on mixed reality

Microsoft has expanded and rebranded its HoloLens Agency Readiness Program as it continues to focus more on mixed reality. The new – rebranded program – takes the focus away from the HoloLens hardware and instead concentrates on promoting Windows 10 as an XR platform. Much like its shift away from Windows Holographic to Windows Mixed reality, the main point of the move is to put Windows 10 in the spotlight.

HoloLens will still be accessible but those who use it will now be involved in the broader Windows Mixed Reality platform. Microsoft said that those "who already have deep expertise in designing and deploying mixed reality solutions" will be able to take a "fast track and immediately work with the Microsoft team on plans to engage customer accounts.

Those already involved in Microsoft’s HoloLens Agency Readiness Program will be upgraded into its Mixed Reality Partner Program. Anyone else interested has been encouraged to attend a Microsoft Inspire breakout even on July 12.

While many see mixed reality as a consumer product used for gaming or watching movies, Microsoft is hoping to use its program for much more. It wants its Windows Mixed Reality platform to become the future of computing, not just a gimmick or a toy.

A spokesperson for Microsoft said: “We’ve learned that successful mixed reality solutions are built on great experiences — and those experiences require both a creative design component and a strong competency in application and infrastructure integration and deployment. SIs around the world already know how to build, support, integrate and extend Microsoft technologies to meet their customers’ business and IT goals. As members of the Mixed Reality Partner Program, these SIs and digital/creative agencies will play a critical role in building 3D and mixed reality experiences for enterprise commercial customers.”

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