John McAfee settles lawsuit against Intel over fight to use his name

When you have to fight to use your own name, you know you have made it. Almost a year after filing a law suit against Intel for the use of his name, John McAfee and Intel have reached an out of court settlement.

US District Judge Paul Oetken has dismissed both McAfee’s Septemeber 2016 lawsuit and Intel’s countersuit after the two parties reached an out of court agreement. McAfee – the creator of the well-known antivirus software – had contested Intel’s use of his name on further products after the tech giant bought his company. He brought about a lawsuit after Intel told him that he could not use his name to rename his digital gaming and cybersecurity market John McAfee Global Technologies. Intel then countered by accusing McAfee of trademark infringement and unfair competition, and sought unspecified damages.

Although the monetary terms of the settlement are being kept under-wraps, other details are starting to emerge. As part of the signed agreement, McAfee agreed not to use his name, trademark his name or the phrase "John McAfee Privacy Phone," or use "John McAfee Global Technologies" in connection with cybersecurity- and security-related products and services.

However, he retains the right to use his name in other contexts and to use his name in advertising, promotions and presentations. This includes using his name in relation to his role at McAfee Associates which Intel purchased for $7.7 billion in 2010.

Neither party admitted to wrongdoing during the settlement and both agreed to amicably drop their respective lawsuits.

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