Struggling PC market predicted to be brought back to life in 2019

The PC market will grow again, according to analysts at IDC. The firm’s new Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device (PCD) report makes good reading for a market that has steadily been in decline over the last few years.

The report states that ‘the PCD market will return to growth in 2019’. Which is great news, for PC manufacturers, distributors and retailers. However, not all is rosey. IDC predicts things to get worse before they get better. In its report it said the PCD market will remain ‘bumpy’ for the next two years before spending heads north again.

Operating systems such as Windows 10 are reportedly going to lead the charge in revigorating the market. Meanwhile detachable tablets such as the Surface Pros, iPad Pros and other typoslabs, will lead the charge in terms of hardware. IDC expects the 2-in-1 and tablet market to growi from last year’s 21.5 million shipments to 45.9 million in the year 2021. Notebook computers and mobile workstations will also grow, from 156.8 million shipments in 2016 to 163.7 million in 2021.

The number of of desktop computers being sold will however continue to plummet, with sales tipped to dip 15 million a year between now and 2021, but even that decline is a better fate than that which awaits “slate tablets” – think iPads – as IDC sees their sales slumping from 2016’s 153.4 million units to just 107.1 million in 2021.

Although the analyst firm does not point to a specific reason for the growth in 2019, it says: “steady refinement of slim and convertible designs, as well as rising commercial spending will give the market a boost, along with rising replacements and steadier growth in emerging regions.”

“One piece of industry movement that we continue to watch closely is OEMs that have traditionally focused on the smartphone space moving further into the Windows device market. This is happening with both detachable tablets and notebook PCs, and as recently as this week Huawei announced very attractive products in both categories.”

All-in-all… Role on 2019!

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