Is Amazon’s checkout-free store headed to Europe?

Amazon is potentially looking to expand its cashier-free grocery store Amazon Go to Europe in the near future after it recently filed several trademark applications to the intellectual property offices across the continent.

The ubiquitous online retailer filed applications to trademark four slogans including ‘No Lines, No Checkout. (No, Seriously),’ and ‘Every Queue is a Defect,” which are all similar to those used by Amazon when it announced its Go stores in December. Currently there is one pilot store in the company’s home city of Seattle, but that is only open to Amazon employees. 

The store’s unique hook is that user’s are able to walk in, take what they want, and leave. Simple as that. No queues, no checkouts. Customers just scan their phone when they walk in and then magic tech will keep a track of what they pick up.

There have however been problems with the store that have caused a public launch to be delayed. While the stores will reportedly only require six to ten employees, the store will apparently break down if there are more than 20 people inside and has issues with tracking products put back in the wrong place. 

Many people believe it will be a long while before the Amazon launches the stores to the public, and it will be even longer until they open to international markets. This is something of a trend for the company. Its acclaimed Amazon Echo launched 16 months later in the UK than in the US. 

According to Bloomberg, UK supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco are concerned about the potential of Amazon’s entry into the country’s physical retail space after it launched delivery service Amazon Fresh in parts of London last year.

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