Kickstarter publishes plea to innovators as it aims to become technology hub

Kickstarter is urging technology innovators to use its service as it aims to become a hub of innovation. The crowd-funding site is on the look out for the next Oculus VR, after the headset raised a staggering $2.4 million on the platform. Eventually Oculus was sold to Facebook for $2 billion, a business model that Kickstarter hopes will attract more tech innovators and developers to showcase their work on the site.

On the site’s blog section, head of Kickstarter’s Design & Technology outreach team Julio Terra openly appeals to‘boundary pushers’ with ‘innovative concepts’. He said: “At Kickstarter we love to celebrate great creators and great projects. But you may not know that we also put a lot of effort into finding great creators and helping them launch those projects.

“That’s the main role of our Design & Technology outreach team, which I lead. And as part of our endless quest for projects, we’ve decided to try something new. Inspired in part by Y Combinator’s requests for startups, we’re going public with a list of the things we’d love to see more of on Kickstarter. We hope this inspires creators who are working in these areas to get in touch. If your project fits the bill, we can help make it shine and spotlight it for our community of 13 million backers.”

In addition to technologies that push boundaries, the team is also looking for campaigns that can help bring other people’s projects to life. In their own words, they are looking for ‘devices that bring factory techniques to the desktop’. We are looking for something like Wazer, and electronic building blocks for new kinds of devices, like Particle,” Terra added. “We like new kinds of musical instruments, like Artiphon. We seek out innovative gear for capturing and displaying photos and video, like the projects from Lomography. And we love to fill our kitchens with cool tools for cooking, baking, and brewing, like Pico and Nomiku.”

To read the full criteria for Kickstarter’s innovation plea, click here.

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