Chinese court rules in Apple’s favour in iPhone 6 patent saga

Chinese iPhone lovers will now be able to get their hands on an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, after a Beijing court overturned a ruling banning the sale of the Apple products. The models have been off the Chinese market since June 2016, after a court ruled that Apple had infringed on a Shenzhen Baili’s patented designs used in the Baili’s 100C. 

Apple appealed the decision immediately and have now won the right to sell both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China. The court ruled that Baili had ‘no grounds’ for its claim as the phone is easily distinguished from the Apple products.

Baili itself is struggling to hold its own in the market, and no longer manufactures smartphones due to financial difficulties. The company is considering appealing the decision which if accepted will take up to a year to go through the court system again.

The decision shows a change of thought in the Chinese legal system which had previously leant towards ‘home’ companies in battles against American competitors. For example, the Chinese courts had previously ruled that a local manufacturer had the right to use the iPhone name on leather goods produced independent from Apple.

The US tech giant is also facing problems in the Asian country over its planned red iPhone 7 and 7S launch. Set to be released later this year, the red edition of the phones – available everywhere else – appear not to be available in China. As of yet, Apple has not commented on why the red edition will not go on sale in China. However, the rumour mill has thrown up several possible answers including everything from not wanting to offend the Dalai Lama to worries about the lack of acceptance over homosexuality in China. (The red iPhones are being rolled out to support the Global Fund for HIV/Aids.)

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