Corsair launches ONE PC

Corsair is mostly known for its peripherals, but has recently branched out into barebones PC kits (such as the Bulldog 2.0 that was shown off at CES). Now the company is making the leap to fully-assembled systems with the Corsair ONE.

The company hasn’t revealed any tech specs right now so all we have to go on is the look of the ONE. The front looks mostly like Corsair’s Carbide 330R and Obsidian 550D cases, but the ONE is a bit fussier and less minimalist. The top and bottom have a finned structure that looks like a big ol’ heatsink, and the side panels are perforated with ventilation holes. Just from looking at the ONE alone it’s obvious that it has a gaming focus and we can see an HDMI port on the front in addition to USB, which would allow for easy use of a VR headset. 

The ONE marks a big shift for the company that has primarily been known for peripherals and components. Specifically, Corsair’s target audience has been gaming enthusiasts who aren’t to worried about the daunting prospect of customising their own systems. By contrast, the ONE will likely be targeted at consumers who aren’t interested in the hassle of assembling a system based on one of Corsair’s kits. Also in terms of cost, should ONE be a VR-capable, ready-to-run gaming PC, it will be considerably more expensive than any Corsair product on the market. It will also require much broader post-sale customer support, including supporting the pre-installed operating system and software.

With the PC gaming market rapidly growing and showing no signs of slowing down, it makes sense that Corsair is looking for a piece of the pie. There is always the chance however that Corsair ONE could go the way of Steam Machines which haven’t been a disaster, but have not been as much of a runaway success as expected. 

Pricing and availability for the Corsair ONE have not been announced.

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