Team of the Month: BenQ UK sales team

In our Team of the Month feature, we highlight some of the important faces from across the industry who perhaps aren’t always in the public eye.

This month, we chat to the BenQ UK sales team.

Who’s in your team?

Adrian Kite (Sales Manager), Darren Leavens (Projector PM), Linda Yi (Controller), Tony White (Sales Manager Pro AV), Steve Nicholson (Senior Sales Manager), Royce Lye (MD), Richard Burton (Sales Manager LCD) and Carly Hill (LCD Product manager).

What’s been your biggest successes of the past 12 months? Audio-visual (AV). We are number three for projectors in the UK. For LCD we have had some phenomenal wins in the etail and retail space, which will now be strengthened after the acquisition of Zowie.

What’s the best part of working in your team?

The best part of working in our team is the fact that we all get on so well. Mondays in the office are full of jokes, mickey-taking regarding football and whose team lost at the weekend. Being part of a winning team where everyone likes one another is great for team morale.

What’s the hardest part of working in the tech industry?

The hardest part of working in this industry is keeping up with how quickly technology changes. Darren Leavens says the hardest part is having to pose for pictures!

What’s the funniest or most memorable memory of working in your team?

The funniest memory was when we all went to Munich last December for our Christmas party.

There was far too much beer, we fell asleep at the table in the Beer Keller and almost missed our flights home – it was a great weekend of fun.

Who makes the best cuppa?

We actually make our own drinks in the office – although we would love it if one day we came into the office and Royce made us all a lovely cuppa!

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