Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 to be unveiled on Friday, May 6th – same day as Battlefield 5

Nvidia will unveil its next-gen GeForce video cards at the end of the week, according to various reports.

The GPUs will be showcased at a press event on the same day that EA will be unveiling Battlefield 5.

Nvidia is hosting its secretive meeting where the selected invitees will be introduced to GP104 and GP106, the second and third chip based off the Pascal GPU architecture.

The GP104 will be branded as GeForce GTX 1080, succeeding the GeForce GTX 980.

The 1080 is one of Nvidia’s most powerful video card to date, boasting a 16nm FinFET process technology. The 1070 is thought to run a bit slower than the 1080, but will still mark an upgrade from the older models.

PCR reported earlier this year this Nvidia’s new Pascal GPU tech would be unveiled sometime between April 4th and 7th, so these reports are in keeping with those dates.

It is thought that the graphics cards will be on display at Computex in June. The firm’s CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang is believed to be hosting a keynote on the second day of the event, where he is expected to reveal Nvidia’s plans for its Pascal GPUs.

Rather than bring a prototype, Huang is allegedly showcasing a working unit.

According to reports, Nvidia’s new Pascal GPUs will be available for consumers to buy sometime between May 31st and June 4th.

EA is making sure that gamers put Nvidia’s new cards to good use by showcasing the worldwide premier of Battlefield 5 on the same day at 1pm Pacific, 9pm BST.

Battlefield 5 will be the 11th title released under the Battlefield franchise, and is rumoured to be set in the First World War.

Those wanting to watch the trailer for the new game can follow the count down at www.battlefield.com/event.

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