PCR’s Woman of the Year Nova Smith unveils plans to partner with retailers

Nova Smith, winner of the 2015 PCR Woman of the Year award, has outlined her plans to conquer the High Street.

She began importing from China into the UK in 2011, before branding budget tablets and accessories under her own IT Tablet PC label, turning an initial £3,000 investment into a business with annual sales of more than £3 million.

Nova’s tablets are regularly listed in the top 100 best sellers on Amazon, and the ‘it tablet’ features in the top 10. The latest IPS tablet product even became the No.1 best- selling tablet on Amazon over the August bank holiday earlier this year, eclipsing both the Kindle and the iPad.

Now that she has achieved online success, Nova has turned her attention to bricks and mortar tech retail. She’s looking to partner with a retailer to bring her products to a wider market.

“I’ve just brought out some fantastic products that will be absolutely ideal for retail,” Nova Smith told PCR. “They’re still under the £99 bracket, featuring 10-inch IPS, gorilla glass, and will compete with the iPad.”

“The £59 ‘Ittle’ kids tablet I had with me at the PCR Woman of the Year awards has been received brilliantly – the reviews for that are amazing on Amazon. Then I’m bringing out a seven-inch IPS one, which is £59 and doesn’t have the case, but it has 16GB of storage. I want to put those into retail, or go into a partnership with a retailer to create a brand that’s specific for retail.

“I also want to go into duty free in airports or on airplanes.

“I’ve never ventured into retail, but I’m hoping the PCR Woman of the Year award will give me a bit more kudos and an extra edge over my competitors.”

Nova added: “Another thing I want to do is have a disposable tablet – one you can buy in a train station or airport from a vending machine, for around £25.

“It would be a fully functioning tablet, but if it gets damaged, for £25 it’s kind of throwaway technology. What we’ll do is recycle it.”

Nova won PCR Woman of the Year 2015 at our awards bash in October, receiving the award from Maggie Zaboura of headline partner Zaboura Communications.

For the full interview with Nova Smith, read the latest issue of PCR here.

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