Everything we learnt in our Security Sector Spotlight

From the biggest threats facing businesses today to tips on how to make money from auto-renewals, November saw PCR cover everything to do with the ever-expanding world of security.

The main things we’ve taken away from our month-long examination of the security market is that cyber attacks are evolving at an alarming rate, and in turn, security products and services are following suit to keep up with demand.

This evolution – coupled with the increase in mobile working, smart home tech, and a generally more connected life – has not only changed the way consumers and businesses think about security, but the way retailers, resellers, distributors and service providers sell security products and services.

Here are the top ten most popular pieces from our Security Sector Spotlight:

1. State of Security: How evolving threats are changing the way resellers and retailers sell security

2. ‘Cyber security may be an unsolvable problem’

3. These are the 3 serious security threats businesses need to know about

4. The underground market for cybercrime is thriving – BullGuard

5. The problem with IT temp workers and how you can solve it

6. There is no IoT device category out there that hasn’t been hacked – IDC

7. One of the biggest threats to security is human error – Kaspersky

8. Security roundup: What an IS cyber attack might look like, hackers target smart TVs, PoS malware increases

9. All signs point to a rise in IoT vulnerabilities – Bitdefender

10. ‘Malware is like malaria, it mutates to work around vaccines’

There are far too many great opinion pieces, interviews and comments on the various security issues that face businesses and consumers to cover here, so take a look through the dedicated Security Sector Spotlight section of the website by click here.

Throughout January, we will be focusing on everything to do with the cloud. If you have some advice, an opinion piece, stats or selling tips, get in touch with me at lbarnes@nbmedia.com

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