Zaboura believes women in tech should look to female mentors

During PCR’s Women of the Year event, Maggie Zaboura, CEO and co-founder of Zaboura Communications, discussed the importance of having more female mentors in the tech industry.

Having worked in the technology industry for 25 years, Zaboura offers a vast amount of knowledge on how the sector has changed and how it is evolving.

Despite regretting that there were no female mentors while Zaboura was starting out her career in tech, she stated that she would not change this, since it made her who she was today.

Zaboura said: “One of the reasons I am here is because I have been in tech practically all my life, and in fact weirdly I didn’t have any women who were mentoring me, mostly men unfortunately. But it’s not unfortunate, because it obviously made me who I am today.

“I am a little bit sad about that because there wasn’t that many women in tech when probably Sarah Shields, UK sales executive director and general manager from Dell, and I were growing our careers in technology.

“That’s kind of a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing because it made us stronger, but a bad thing because we didn’t really have a lot of people to work with. It’s very different today.”

Zaboura Communications was headline partner for this year’s event, along with CompTIA, Dell and The Hut Group who were this year’s event partners.

Zaboura was also one of the nominees in PCR’s Woman of the Year 2014 event, however Sarah Shields from Dell was able to scoop the prestigious accolade.

“I can see an awful lot of women in this room and they all look amazing and I’m sure they all have been very, very successful in what they do.

“I’m not really into discrimination of any nature. This is positive discrimination and I am sponsoring it, not only because I feel I have to, but because something still needs to be done,” added Zaboura.

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