Women celebrate careers in tech through Ada Lovelace Day

Now in its sixth year, the annual celebration of Ada Lovelace Day returns today, with women in tech taking to social media to share their life experiences in the industry.

The day celebrates women working in fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and is named after the woman who is known as the world’s first computer programmer.

Ada Lovelace worked with the inventor Charles Babbage back in the 1850s, where she helped him design his ‘analytical engine’, a mechanical computing device.

This year, the annual event is being hosted by the Conway Hall Ethical Society at Conway Hall, Holborn, where various speakers will discuss the importance of women in the tech industry.

“Every year we encourage you to take part, no matter where you are, by writing something about a woman, or women, in STEM whose achievements you admire,” stated the Findingada website.

Charities and firms have taken to Twitter to express their gratitude towards Lovelace, including Wired UK, the Alzheimer’s Society and British Science, thanking her for her achievements within the tech industry. 


Prior to this annual celebration, women working in STEM roles also used the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer on Twitter to prove that the role isn’t just for men.

Iris Wenger spearheaded this trend, after she was asked to write a short essay about her experience as a female engineer in a male-dominated industry.

Thanks to annual events such as Ada Lovelace Day, more women can be encouraged to choose a career in the sector.

PCR is also holding its own Women of the Year awards, to shine the spotlight on some of the most inspirational women in the UK PC channel.

Taking place this Friday (October 16th), PCR invites both women and men to attend, and a limited number of tickets are still available. So if you don’t want to miss out – make sure you purchase yours here now.

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