John McAfee is running for President. No, seriously

Once again the eccentric security expert John McAfee has spoken out about his next unusual venture, revealing that he is running for President.

During the TechCrunch Disrupt event, McAfee was seen lurking around the pressroom where he began his long-winded speech about how he plans to gain votes for the next election.

The BBC’s news reporter Dave Lee got the chance to witness first hand how the security mogul plans on gaining enough coverage to help his campaign, but McAfee revealed he has no plans to pay for any coverage, as ‘there’s the internet’.

McAfee even offered Lee a $1 wager that he would win the election, and you can check out a snippet from the interview here.

But McAfee’s strategy to gain votes isn’t very concrete, for example he believes that because he is in tech that he will gain votes from tech enthusiasts, reports the BBC. 

But that isn’t all – his next strategy is to do with tattoos. For example, according to McAfee he has lots of tattoos, and that because one in five Americans have some form of body art, there will be lots of votes for him there.

Lastly, McAfee believes since his wife Janice McAfee is the only black person in the presidential election battle, more black people will be likely to vote for him.

Although these beliefs may come across as somewhat bizarre, it seems McAfee truly believes he has a chance in becoming the next President of the United States.

If that wasn’t strange enough, McAfee stated that the media is broken beyond repair, and that he doesn’t need the media – an odd statement since McAfee was revealing his thoughts to a room full of journalists.

It isn’t unusual for McAfee to speak controversially, for example he previously criticised security firm McAfee’s products, even though he used to run the company.

John McAfee previously released a YouTube video entitled ‘How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus’, where he was seen snorting ‘bath salts’ and dancing with women.

It was not very long ago either that he was arrested for driving under the influence with a handgun, so we’ll have to wait and see whether the nation would like to put McAfee in charge.

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