PC retailer gets global recognition after building ‘Irn-Bru’ watercooled PC

Edinburgh-based retailer the PC Doctor has received a huge amount of PR coverage following its invention of a customised ‘Irn-Bru’ water-cooled PC.

Dubbed the Och Aye Mac, the creation is the brainchild of inventor and shop owner John Lawson, which features a 750ml glass bottle of the orange liquid.

It features various tubes where the liquid is distributed to cool the PC, but although the water boasts Irn-Bru’s famous orange tinge, the liquid is actually ginge-coloured water rather than the fizzy fluid we are familiar with.

Speaking to STV, Lawson said: “We are always drinking Irn-Bru in the shop and I wanted to do something different to attract some attention.

"It was just an idea that I had using an old Irn-Bru bottle, it’s just a theme I suppose. It’s a concept machine that is based on water cooling.”

Having taken Lawson around 20 hours to complete, the concept PC has certainly proven to be one of the most popular aspects within the shop.

It was designed as a window display to help attract the interest of customers, but it has done more than that, with various publications and online sites reporting on the invention, with some witnessing over 15,000 shares.

So far the story has been picked up from the likes of the Daily Record, The Scotsman, The Lad Bible, ITV and even NYCity Today, traveling as far as the Big Apple. 

The firm wrote on its Facebook page: “I can hardly believe the amount of interest we have had in this project, I thought no one would be interested… glad to see the good old computer tower still lives on. It’s all tablets and laptops nowadays!”

A spokesperson at PC Doctor told PCR that the business has received a great deal of interest in the PC, so does this mean more independent retailers should follow suit?

Coming up with innovative ideas like this is a great way to drum up interest in products, get your name out there and showcase your ability to customise solutions.

After witnessing the popularity of this machine, I’m sure we will start to see more retailers jump on board and start thinking outside of the box to market themselves.

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