Intel debuts its smallest motherboard yet

The search for creating the smallest motherboard may finally be over, now that Intel has unveiled its 5×5 – the smallest upgradable motherboard form factor on the market.

During Intel’s Developer Forum 2015 (IDF), the firm launched the new motherboard, which comes in at 147x140mm in size. It is also similar to the company’s NUC device in size, which is 102x102mm.

According to Legit Reviews, the socketed board is 29 per cent smaller than Mini-ITX standard boards and can operate directly off DC power and it takes SODIMM memory.

It also supports 2.5 SATA or M.2 storage and will accept LGA processors with TDPs of up to 65 watts, which currently include several desktop i7 products.

Plus, Intel’s board comes with support for LGA based CPUs and supports up to 65W CPU thermal design power.

The new smaller form factor of the 5×5 ensures that a mini-PC is now available for every size and performance requirements.

Intel is well known for reducing its form factors with the release of the NUC and its Compute Stick, which is a tiny 30x90mm in size.

Intel also recently unveiled two new 14nm 6th Generation Core computer processors at Gamescom 2015 – the i5-6600K and the i7-6700K.

But various system builders have already informed PCR that they are suffering from stock shortages with the new processors.

Image source: Legit Reviews

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