Will talking to your processor become the norm?

Three little words can now wake up your sleepy Windows 10 PC, all thanks to Intel’s new Skylake processors.

The 6th generation Core chips from the vendor work with Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system, which launched back in July. Now they can command a computer to wake up whenever a user says ‘Cortana, wake up’.

Due to a low power digital signal processor (DSP) embedded into the chip, Skylake processors will always be listening for that certain command.

Intel unveiled the new feature on stage during the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, reports Gizmodo, where a sleeping PC was asked to snap out of its slumber.

Once it has woken up, Cortana then takes over so users can carry on using standard voice commands to carry out tasks, for example telling it to play music of videos.

DSP was already built into Intel’s previous Core M chips, but Windows 10 and Cortana unfortunately didn’t have the functions to use the service, but now users can start their PCs without lifting a finger.

During the opening speech at the forum, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich, said: ”Computers are on our desks, in our bags, in our clothes, in our homes and on our bodies. They are not only growing smarter and more connected, but gaining senses and becoming an extension of ourselves.”

The firm didn’t reveal if PCs would require any special audio hardware to use the service, but here’s hoping that devices won’t so we can go on using just our voice to carry out tasks.

Voice recognition has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, with many virtual assistants from the likes of Google and Apple listening to our voices for certain commands.

Plus, in the past a similar option had been incorporated into Microsoft’s Xbox One console and the Motorola Moto X smartphone.

Will speaking to your tech devices really become the norm in the future? We’re not sure everyone wants to speak to their computer, but for now, the idea of waking up your PC with just your voice seems like a cool feature to offer.

Intel first launched its new Skylake processors at Gamescom in Germany this month, but several system builders have revealed that they are starting to see shortages for the new chips.

The likes of Overclockers and YoYoTech told PCR that they have witnessed stock shortages of the i5-6600K and the i7-6700K processors.

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