Tech giants like Apple are starting to take diversity seriously

Trying to get more women in tech is a struggle for some companies, but now that large firms including Apple and Microsoft are trying to encourage more women into their workforce, will it make a difference?

Apple has revealed that is has hired 65 per cent more women in the past 12 months, compared to the prior year. That’s over 11,000 women globally, to help boost the company’s level of diversity, but Apple boss Tim Cook still believes a lot of work needs to be done.

In a message from Cook, he said: “Last year we reported the demographics of our employees for the first time externally, although we have long prioritised diversity.

“We promised to improve those numbers and we’re happy to report that we have made progress. In the past year we hired over 11,000 women globally, which is 65 per cent more than in the previous year.

“In the first six months of this year, nearly 50 per cent of the people we’ve hired in the United States are women, Black, Hispanic, or Native American.”

In 2014, Apple’s workforce was 30 per cent female, and now the firm has revealed that the percentage has increased to 31 per cent this year, proving that diversity and women in tech is starting to increase.

But, Apple isn’t the only firm calling for more diversity, as Intel recently pumped $125 million into it’s Capital Diversity Fund, with the aim to fully represent women and underrepresented minorities in its US workforce by 2020.

In addition, Microsoft has shown interest and has since launched its own Women in Tech initiative in India with the hope of encouraging more women to work in the industry

However, the tech industry is still male-dominated, but since Prime Minister David Cameron revealed plans to name and shame firms who do not pay their female employees the same as their male staff members, soon more women may be entering the tech industry.

Plus, more women in the industry are also taking to social media to share their experiences within the industry, which has sparked an online initiative, with female engineers posting pictures of themselves online to prove not all engineers are male.

Now that more companies are starting to take diversity seriously, maybe now more women will choose a career a tech.

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