Premier Computers hit by flood caused by secret cannabis farm above store

Indie computer store Premier Computers has been flooded due to a cannabis factory above the store.

The Southend-based shop was hit by £12,000 worth of damages last weekend, due to a leakage in the private flat above the store.

Premier Computers owner Chris Loader told PCR: “I came into the store on Saturday morning to open as normal, walked through and had a bizarre few seconds where you’re looking at water and can’t quite work out why it was lying inside the shop."

After working out where the water was coming from, Loader called the non-emergency police telephone number, who informed him that the best thing to do would be to call the fire brigade.

Loaded added: “The fire brigade turned off the water in the street but couldn’t get it to stop, so by breaking through one of the upstairs windows, they saw it was coming from the loft.

“We still assumed it was just a water tank or something, went into the loft and found quite a substantial cannabis factory up there.

“I was told it was virtually a whole van full of plants they took out – and all the equipment.”

As a result the shop had to close for a day to repair the water damage, which also ruined some equipment including servers, computers and a recently refurbished store counter.

“We have actually only just finished refurbishing the shop. Luckily the main carpeted area where we have our PC and laptop showroom was on the other side, so that’s okay,” explained Loader.

Loader is still unsure as to whether the tenant above is aware of the find, and may even return to find that their loot has been discovered and removed.

Loader said: “To this day it is possible that he or she is unaware it has all happened. They either know and are laying low, or in a couple of weeks might turn up.”

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