Logitech “undergoes huge changes” as it rebrands and hints at new categories

The likes of Lenovo, Cooler Master, Corsair and HP have all unveiled revised logos this year – now Logitech is following suit.

Well, even though Logitech’s latest restyle does look very similar to Lenovo’s new branding (it too has several fresh logos in different colours), it would be a little unfair to say they’ve followed other vendors in the market – Logitech says its been secretly working on this rebrand since 2013.

The firm describes this move – which will see its upcoming products launched under a new ‘Logi’ label – as the biggest brand transformation in its history. The Logi name will also start to appear on select products in existing categories too.

It’s not just a rebrand either. The PC accessories vendor has told customers to ‘expect some twists and a few surprises in new categories’. 

"Building on its heritage as technology company, Logitech has placed design at its core. It is crafting a portfolio of products that go beyond PC peripherals, to products that have a place in every aspect of your daily life. This brand reflects the company’s reinvention, with a colourful new attitude, Logi product label and a re-imagined logo," the company said in a statement.

This touches on a point PCR made in a recent analysis/opinion piece: as the PC market evolves, companies are not only changing their look to attract the modern day customer, they’re also evolving their product offering to suit today’s demands for more personalised and portable products.

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Logitech says to expect ‘bold colours and simple designs to make their mark’ across Logitech.com, social media, on packaging and in-store displays over the coming year.

Logitech will remain the company’s name and still appear on some products, but you can expect to see more of the Logi brand going forwards.

So, why create the Logi label, which ditches the ‘tech’ part of the brand name?

“Tech is everywhere,” said Logitech VP of brand development Charlotte Johs. “Tech is in the air you breathe, it’s in your clothes, in the future, ‘tech’ doesn’t say anything,” she told Gizmodo.

“We’ve been reinventing Logitech, creating products that strive to blend advanced technology and design to bring you amazing experiences,” added Bracken Darrell, Logitech president and CEO.

“We’ve built a world-class design team, led by chief designer Alastair Curtis. We’re putting design at the centre of everything we do. Our approach to design goes beyond the classic definition. Design to us is the combination of advanced technology, business strategy and consumer insights. Our products have come a long way and now it’s time to bring the brand forward too.”

Alastair Curtis, chief design officer at Logitech, added: "Logitech has undergone huge changes, so we’ve created an identity that is an expression of who we are today and who we will be moving forward. A company transformation of this magnitude should come with an equally bold transformation of its brand."

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