As fan sales rocket at Maplin, PCR takes a look at some of the top accessories to stock

Top 10 tech gadgets to stock for the summer holidays

As Maplin announces sales of fans have risen by 816 per cent year-on-year following the heatwave last week, PCR takes a look at some of the top tech accessories to stock this summer.

1. Selfie sticks

The selfie boom is real and holidaygoers will no doubt be wanting to take lots of snaps on their holidays.

There are universal smart selfie sticks available, with retractable poles, which work with most devices and connect via a device’s 3.5mm headphone port. 

2. Headphones

There’s nothing quite like relaxing by the pool while listening to your favourite music, giving travellers a reason to upgrade their existing set of headphones or earphones.

3. Power banks

Why worry about charging your smartphone or tablet in your hotel room or when out and about, when you can use one of these?

Users can simply plug this in and charge their device’s battery. They cost around £19.99.

4. Smartphone cases

Travellers will want to keep their devices and portable computers safe when on holiday, so now may be a good time to sell them a case for their smartphone, tablet or even laptop.

5. Anti-slip dashboard sticky pads

For your customers who are going on a roadtrip this summer, the last thing they want when driving is for their mobile phone swimming left and right as they turn.

Anti-slip dashboard pads can be placed on the dashboard and the phone or device will stick to the pad without leaving any sticky residue.

6. Fans

The UK heatwave may be over (for now), but fans will no doubt be on the shopping list of consumers as summer goes on. 

Ben Winter, buying director for Maplin, said: “Fans have been flying off the shelves this week as the nation gets to grips with the extreme heat. We knew the heatwave was coming but I don’t think anyone expected it to get quite this extreme.”

7. Action cams

The ever popular action cam is a favourite with more adventurous travellers who will want to capture their moments while swimming, trekking or getting involved in some extreme sports.

8. Sat-navs

Essential for those who are going on a road trip this summer and want to stay on course (and avoid any map-related arguments of course – if it all goes wrong you can always blame it on the sat-nav).

9. Wearables

With the Apple Watch now out, wearables are becoming more well-known with consumers. A more affordable fitness tracker might be a good choice for gym goers and those who want to keep track of their steps.

10. PC on a stick

For those who just can’t switch off even on holiday, they can always take their data with them and access it by plugging the stick into a TV to turn it into a computer.

Thanks to Zing Cases for some of the ideas

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