Apple will be holding a series of summer workshops

Apple Watch to transfer data wirelessly?

A new Apple patent has been published online revealing that Apple Watch users may be able to exchange data by handshaking,

The patent doesn’t specifically mention the Apple Watch but the filing refers to a device that can be ‘worn’ by users.

Published in the filing, it may be possible for two devices to share data when both users engage in a similar gesture, for example fist pumping or handshaking.

The patent said: “Information items can be exchanged between user devices worn or carried by two different users in response to the devices detecting a "greeting event" in which the devices are in proximity and the users of the devices concurrently execute a greeting gesture.”

In addition, contextual information may also be available with the device, including the user’s location and the user’s input.

This news comes after rumours revealed that the Apple Watch 2 may feature a video camera.

In other news, the tech giant has also started to roll out its series or summer camps, where kids can learn how to create movies and interactive books.

Apple is inviting kids aged from eight to 12-years-old to visit a retail store during its three-day event, where they will get the chance to use software such as GarageBand and iMovie.

Apple’s summer workshops will be hosted between 11am and 12:30pm local time, on various dates from July 20th to August 7th in the UK, US, China, Japan, Spain and more.

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