The prototype router has been installed in six homes

New tech allows users to ‘charge’ their smartphones wirelessly

Developers have created a prototype Wi-Fi router, which can charge devices wirelessly and provide an internet connection.

A team of engineers from the Washington University have been working on the PoWiFi routers, and first showcased it last year.

Since then, lead engineer Shyam Gollakota has installed PoWiFi in six homes, to use it for internet access and wireless charging, reports the Daily Mail.

Ambient backscatter is the technology that the Wi-Fi is based on, which works by enabling two battery-free RF-powered devices to communicate by backscattering existing wireless signals.

The router that is used then sends out radio waves, which are converted into a direct current voltage using a rectifier.

A DC-DC convertor is then put in place to help increase the voltage level of the signal, providing users with instant internet access, whilst charging their device.

A random signal is also transmitted from the router on a constant basis, to ensure that it can provide power continuously.

The tech has been criticised by some, however, as it will require a very strong internet connection and certain conditions to work.

Image source: Shutterstock

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