"They’re going to be focusing a lot more on the PC gaming side," source tells PCR

Microsoft will be bringing Xbox-exclusive games to the PC – including Halo 5

Microsoft will launch its biggest Xbox One exclusive games on the PC.

While the company has already confirmed that users will be able to stream Xbox One games to a Windows 10 computer when the new OS launches this summer, PCR understands that games currently listed as exclusive to Xbox will eventually launch on PC as full standalone titles.

Several industry sources have confirmed the news to PCR.

"It’s a rumour which I know to be true," said one senior PC gaming industry executive.

"Microsoft are going to be focusing a lot more on the PC gaming side than previously, and they’re also going to be bringing a lot of Xbox platform exclusives to Windows as well.

"So this includes some of the biggest franchises in the Microsoft stable like Fable, Forza Motorsport and Halo. They’re all forecasted to start coming out on PC in the future."

The latest games in those series – Fable Legends, Forza Motorsport and Halo 5: Guardians (pictured) – are all due for release this year, with Halo 5 set to launch on October 27th. Microsoft has previously confirmed that Fable Legends will arrive on PC, too.

If true, this news will also mean that Rise of the Tomb Raider – currently listed as an Xbox exclusive – will also be coming out on PC.

However, it’s not clear when exactly these games may arrive on PC.

Last year, Microsoft showcased a Forza 5 demo running on the PC as opposed to Xbox One. It did tell Eurogamer in March 2014 that the demo "was simply a rendering tech demo to showcase the power and ease of development for DX12. We have no plans to release Forza Motorsport 5, or any other Microsoft Studios Xbox One title on PC."

However, Microsoft is now heavily pushing the gaming side of Windows 10, which is set to arrive this summer, with users of Windows 7 and 8 receiving a free upgrade to Windows 10 within its first year of launch. 

Windows 10 hands-on

As well as allowing Xbox One players to stream games to their PC, Windows 10 also uses DirectX 12 to improve graphics and performance within PC games. You can check out an impressive DX12 tech demo video here.

"What we’re seeing is game developers are adopting DX12 today," our source added. "Microsoft has invested in them and given them early access to the technology. It was years before we saw games using DX10 tech, but because DX12 gives you such a boost, it’s already being adopted.

"And that’s also helped by the fact it’s going to be a shared API with Xbox One. That will really drive cross-format games using the tech.

"Microsoft have realised they don’t just have one game platform. And PC gaming is vastly outstripping consoles in terms of interest and focus."

"So it’s very exciting. The PC has been targeted as the number one platform by developers at GDC last year. They took a survey which asked: What’s your number one target platform? PC was first, mobile was second and console was third. And that tells you about the health of the [PC] business – it’s massive.

"If you look at Microsoft’s roadmap, their Xbox exclusives are going to be Windows platform exclusives moving on, not just Xbox. Particularly, as Xbox is an integral part of Windows 10 – there’s an Xbox app and Xbox store on Windows – this shows you their commitment to rolling out the Xbox brand, not just as a console, but as a platform."

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