Intel shares some stats and facts from its business in the last year, plus plans for the future

ISS 2015: 17 essential stats, facts and future plans from Intel’s Solutions Summit

Intel Solutions Summit at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi has unveiled bucket loads of news, facts and plans for the future.

To make it easier to consumer all this information, we have pulled together some of the best bits that have been shared by Intel throughout the last two days.

1. In 2014, Intel sold 46 million tablets, 277.4 million PCs, 16.9 million and 17.5 million servers, with overall revenue hitting $55.9 billion.

2. SSDs saw a 20 per cent growth, whereas the Internet of Things experienced a 19 per cent growth throughout 2014.

3. Intel’s LOEM market grew by 56 per cent in EMEA and new tablet LOEM market increased by 50 per cent last year.

4. Compared to four years ago, Intel’s PC install base has evolved significantly with twice the battery life, nine times faster wake up time, graphics are 12-times better and video content speed has increased eight fold.

5. Ralf Jordan, executive director at Dell said that the work place and home are increasingly becoming one and the same thanks to technology, with home workers being less stressed, having more time (due to lack of commute) and are just as, if not more productive.

6. Intel’s mission is to utilise the power of Moore’s Law to bring smart, connected devices to every person on earth.

7. Its future plans are to grow and innovate in PC, to profitably grow its mobile business and grow the data centre.

8. Intel’s focus for its clients is to innovate with 2in1, AIO and mini PCs.

9. Its focus for tablets is to drive the volume containing the SoFIA range of processors.

10. The vendor wants to evolve the user experience to include no wires, no passwords and have a natural UI with 3D capabilities.

11. The cost of the Internet of Things’ sensors in 50 billion device has reduced x2.

12. Maurits Tichelman, VP sales and marketing, GM of sales with Intel reveals the four tech transformations that he reckons the youth of today would never understand are dial-up internet, photography film, books, maps and navigation and social connection. 

13. Regarding security, 200 new PC malware threats appear every minute.

14. There are currently 3.72 million Android mobile malware samples.

15. 82 per cent of apps currently track users.

16. Intel has seen an explosion of devices, with 8,500 new customers.

17. 20 per cent of new designs have been inspired by the desires of those new customers.

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