Players can create pools on the roof

Sims 4 update adds swimming pools

EA has finally added swimming pools in the latest update to its PC game Sims 4, following outrage from fans.

The omission of swimming pools when Sims 4 was released earlier this year caused outrage among fans, which led to an online petition to add the feature.

Now EA has introduced the addition of pools, where Sims have the option of sitting along the pool’s edge and chatting to other Sims.

Players can also place windows on the walls of pools and adjust the depth of it by modifying wall heights.

Players have the option to build pools on a variety of levels, including the ground floor, the second floor or even the roof.

Users can even drown their Sim by submerging it in the water, however, its ghost will be frightened of water even in the afterlife.

Previous updates to Sims 4 included the additon of Star Wars themed costumes and ghosts.

Check out the official trailer below:

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