“This vulnerability would have cost nothing to address,” says IT security firm

Security Roundup: NatWest online banking customers at risk of cyber threats

This week we take a look at a flaw in online banking systems, Kaspersky’s first Annual Connected Car Study and the temporary takedown of CryptoLocker.

London-based IT and email security company Atbash has identified a flaw in the NatWest online banking system which could be exposing unknowing customers to cyber threats.

Unlike other cyber threats facing large corporations with an obligation to protect customer data, this particular vulnerability in the NatWest system would have cost nothing to address. By integrating an SPF record on the system, the bank would have increased the chance of email spam filters detecting that the email is a fake and as a result, offering better protection for their customers, explained the company.

Meanwhile, Kaspersky and IAB have announced the launch of the first Annual Connected Cars Study.

The main objective is to provide an overview of the connected car market. Based on analyzing BMW’s ConnectedDrive system, Kaspersky has found several potential attack vectors including stolen credentials, mobile applications, updates and communications.

In other news:

  • Bitdefender has published a new report detailing the rise and temporary takedown of CryptoLocker, warning that users may still be at risk from commercial malware.
  • A new survey from iStorage reveals that 33 per cent of UK security professionals are unaware of data breach penalties.

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