"This is the tablet than can replace your laptop," said Surface head Panos Panay

Microsoft unveils ‘laptop killer’ Surface Pro 3

Microsoft has unveiled the Surface Pro 3.

Like the previous generations of the Surface, the Surface Pro 3 includes an integrated kickstand, but adds multi-stage positioning, including a ‘canvas mode’ which props the Pro 3 at a 150-degree angle – suitable for digital artists.

To showcase the Pro 3’s suitability for creative professionals, Microsoft invited Adobe on-stage to demonstrate a new touch-optimised edition of Adobe Photoshop, which was operating using a new Surface Pro 3 stylus.

"This is the tablet than can replace your laptop," said Surface head Panos Panay, revealing the device.

The Pro 3 increases the Surface 2’s 10.6-inch screen to a 12-inch 3:2 ratio HD display.

The Pro 3 is also thinner and lighter than the previous iteration of the tablet, shrinking down to 9.1mm thick and 800g, with thinner surrounding bezels – Panay compared the tablet to an Apple MacBook Air.

Inside the tablet sits an Intel Core i7 processor.

Microsoft also revealed a new Type Cover, which adds a laptop-like trackpad and magnetically attaches to the Pro 3, adjusting to each kickstand position.

Panay, again citing the tablet’s positioning as a replacement for laptops, highlighted the device’s “lapability” – or ease of use on a lap – which the previous two Surface tablets struggled to address.

The device will go on sale in the US on May 21st, starting at $799 (£474).

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