The Esprimo X923 features a 32-inch 1920x1080 IPS display

CeBIT 2014: Fujitsu Esprimo all-in-one PCs never need to be turned off

Fujitsu has unveiled two all-in-one PCs that feature a new Low Power Active Mode, meaning they never need to be turned off.

The Esprimo X923, which was unveiled at CeBIT 2014, features a 32-inch 1920×1080 IPS display and comes with a choice of options, including Core i3 – i7 CPUs, HDD or SSD and up to 16GB RAM.

The Esprimo X923-T comes with all the features and options as the first model, but with a touchscreen display.

The all-in-ones can be switched to Low Power Active Mode (LPAM), meaning the machine will shut down power-hungry applications when they are idle.

The network connection remains in an active state, with the PC drawing just enough current for critical background tasks to be performed, such as virus scans or remote maintenance. In addition to this, the PC is immediately available for incoming calls or videoconferencing.

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