Vacation cabin up for 100 million DOGE

Man lists $135,000 home for sale in Dogecoin

A man has listed his home for sale in Dogecoin. Wow.

Matt Thompson, a 27-year-old American entrepreneur, has put his vacation cabin in Wisconsin up for 100 million Dogecoins, or around $135,000.

Thompson isn’t the first homeowner to offer prospective buyers the chance to pay using cryptocurrency – a multi-million mansion was previously listed in Bitcoin – but may be the first to offer his home in DOGE.

He explained that accepting payment in the virtual currency wasn’t just a way of attracting buyers.

"I don’t mind holding on to [Dogecoins] for a multitude of reasons, including that I believe I can use them to further my business," he told CNN.

"It’s safe and easy with minimal fees."

"To date, I’ve found it to be very good for supplementing payment methods."

"So many people, especially people involved with Bitcoin, tend to believe it’s a copycat. I really don’t think you can be so shortsighted. I believe the value of an economic system is the sum of all of its parts. So, there is room for all sorts of coins," Thompson added.

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