PCR teams up with price comparison site Idealo to bring you these figures

HDD vs SSD: Average prices for 2013 revealed

The average price of a solid-state drive (SSD) was £155.09 last year, while the average hard disk drive (HDD) cost consumers £116.66.

Price comparison site Idealo revealed the data, broken down below by month throughout 2013.

The prices below are not average RRPs, but rather the average minimum price (including VAT) from online retailers listed on Idealo – both for the overall price, and price per GB. The data is a mix of consumer (around 85 per cent) and enterprise-level (around 15 per cent) drives which inflates the average prices slightly, but provides a more fair representation of the overall market.

There were 212 HDD models in the data set and 199 SSD drives.


Average overall price:

Average price per GB:


Average overall price:

Average price per GB:

Source:idealo.co.uk compares prices on more than 300,000 products from 14,000 online shops and uses this data to analyse tech and wider ecommerce pricing trends.

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