Firm uses empty retail windows to direct footfall to local businesses

Nexus Engage looks to restore the High Street using interactive windows

A new company is hoping to regenerate footfall on UK High Streets by filling up empty windows with interactive brand showcases.

With over 46,000 empty windows currently on the High Street, Nexus Engage is working with tech brands to fill stores with interactive screens, Twitter walls and Click & Collect services.

“One of the things that we try to do is preserve the High Street rather than take business away,” Simon Ellson, Nexus Engage’s CEO, told PCR. “We can use it as brand building, to launch new products and then use it as a direction mechanism to send a consumers to a retailer.”

One example of how this works is the firm’s recent campaign with Monster.

In Southampton’s WestQuay shopping centre Nexus Engage set up a window displaying Monster’s £170 headphones and directed them to John Lewis. “The store saw a 300 per cent uplift in sales,”said Ellson.

The firm, which was only set up in September 2013, plans on incorporating a Click & Collect service.“A consumer will see a product in a window, use their smartphone to look it up then arrange to pick it up in a local store,” added Ellson.

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