Animation firm plans to support eight-inch device with branded accessories and original content

DreamWorks announces content-driven DreamTab kids tablet

DreamWorks Animation, the studio behind films such as Madagascar and How To Train Your Dragon, has unveiled its own tablet.

The eight-inch DreamTab, set for release this Spring, will be produced in partnership with kid’s tablet manufacturer Fuhu and will have more details revealed this week at CES – with details of a planned twelve-inch version to follow.

A DreamWorks spokesman told the New York Times that the tablet will cost under $300 (£183) and will be supported with original content and branded accessories such as headphones and cases.

“We could push out a new character moment every day of the year,” explained Jim Mainard, head of digital strategy and new business development at the firm.

“By teaming with DreamWorks to create a device that will have original content — original content that is automatically and frequently updated,” added Jim Mitchell, chief executive of Fuhu, which already offers Disney and Nickelodeon-branded models of its Nabi children’s tablet.

"We are not following consumers – we are getting ahead of them."

While the tablet is designed to be primarily used by children, the technology inside is far from limited. The power of the device is said to be comparable to an iPad, according to Fuhu and DreamWorks.

“If you give a kid less, they will spot it immediately as less, and they won’t like it,” said Mainard. “We wanted to give more.”

The DreamTab will also expand outside of tablet-based interactions, with the capability to communicate with action figures and toys. While the exclusive content will be produced by DreamWorks, children will be able to stream and watch shows and films made by other companies.

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