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Child-proof iPad mount can be interchanged with a feeding tray

iRocking Play Seat lets kids eat and play

CTA Digital has released the iRocking Play Seat for iPad, a seat that lets younger tech fans eat and use an iPad.

Designed for children between the ages of six months to three years, the rocker chair features a child-proof stand to hold an iPad in position while the child plays with it or watches videos.

The £90 (£55) stand, which can rotate between vertical and horizontal orientations, can be set to three different angles and has a touchscreen cover to guard against mess and smudges.

When it’s time to eat, the iPad stand can be interchanged with the included feeder tray – a dishwasher-safe tray with three spill-safe compartments.

The child is held safely in place with a three-point harness and made comfortable using the seat’s reclining backrest.

CTA Digital previously launched the iPotty too.

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