From mice to keyboards and webcams to flightsticks, the variety of accessories designed to enhance computer use is incredible. PCR takes a look at the top products to plug and play...

PCR’s guide to PC peripherals

From mice to keyboards and webcams to flightsticks, the variety of accessories designed to enhance computer use is incredible. PCR takes a look at the top products to plug and play…

Sennheiser PC 350 SE Gaming Headset

RRP: £169.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: The sound of the PC 350 Special Edition Noise Blocking Gaming Headset has been specially developed to provide an extremely ‘game realistic’ soundscape. It features “Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement” technology, which delivers ultimate sonic accuracy and clarity by channelling signals directly into your ears. The closed design provided by the custom-made aluminium ear-cups isolates you from any outside noise, so you hear even the faintest details. But the PC 350 SE doesn’t just look great, it’s built to last, too. Only top quality materials are used and the attention to detail is superb, right down to the speakers made in Europe, and the braided fabric cable for long-lasting durability.

Specs: 150-ohm impedance, 2×3.5mm connectors, 50-16,000Hz microphone frequency response, 10-26,000Hz headphone frequency response, 108dB sound pressure level, <0.1 per cent total harmonic distortion, 3m cable, 312g, noise-cancelling microphone, dynamic 38mm Nd magnet speakers.

FUNC F-Series 10 L and XL gaming mousepads

RRP: £12.50 (L, excl. VAT), £14.01 (XL, excl. VAT)

Distributor: Entatech

They say: The Func F-Series is a single-sided, semi-hard mouse pad. The surface texture incorporates a specially selected, low profile, textured polycarbonate that exhibits exceptional traction capabilities; also known as “F10.s”.

Specs: 330x252x2mm (L)/380x290x2mm (XL), low profile textured F10.s polycarbonate, two-year warranty.

Zalman ZM-K500 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

RRP: £33.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: The ZM-K500 offers gamers high quality linear type switches with a high actuation force and fast response times. The ergonomic design minuses fatigue and the compact layout gives a wider working area on your desk.

Specs: Mechanical keys, laser carved, 352x169x36mm, 850g, 50g actuation force, 20 million times’ key life, five multimedia keys. 

Speedlink Crossfire Design Headphones

SRP: £16.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: Whether you’re on the sofa or on the street, the Crossfire Design provide a soundtrack to your everyday life. Enjoy any style of music in all its glory while the comfortable, lightweight design and detachable Non-Twist cable makes the headphones the ideal companion.

Specs: Frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, adjustable padded headband, 160g, collapsible earcups, Non-Twist detachable cable, 1.2m cable length.

Belkin Thunderbolt Dock

RRP: £249

Distributors: Exertis Gem, Ingram Micro

They say: The Thunderbolt Express Dock is an easy, powerful way to take advantage of Thunderbolt technology. The dock lets you use a single connection to create high-speed, reliable transfers between your laptop and up to eight other devices, including by FireWire, Ethernet, USB and daisy chaining multiple devices. This means that taking your laptop when you go and bringing it home when you return, means it can connectwith only one cable. 

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

RRP: £29.99

Distributor: Exertis Gem

They say: Put yourself on the widescreen. The LifeCam HD-3000 camera gives you bright and colourful high-definition 720p video with TrueColour lighting enhancements, and makes it easy to post to your favourite social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Specs: True 720p HD video recording at 30fps, 44.5mmx109mm, 16:9 widescreen recording, TrueColour technology.

Razer Naga Expert MMO Gaming Mouse

RRP: £69.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: The best-selling MMO gaming mouse of all time, the Razer Naga, is evolving to take the MMO games of the next generation head-on. Engineered for improved comfort and control, the all-new Razer Naga comes with optimized button placement, three interchangeable side grips to suit your personal grip style, and is powered by Razer Synapse 2.0.

Specs: 82000dpi 4G laser sensor, scroll wheel, ARM 32-bit processor, hypereponse buttons, Synapse 2.0, green LED lighting, 19 MMO optimised programmable buttons, 12 button mechanical thumb grid, 1000Hz ultrapolling, 2.1m braided cable. 

Func KB-460 gaming keyboard

RRP: £49.35 (excl. VAT)

Distributor: Entatech

They say: It doesn’t just perform the commands from your keystrokes: the KB-460 mechanical keyboard keeps you on your toes thanks to the rapid and responsive mechanical switches geared towards all styles of game play. Ready to be plugged in and put to use straight out of the box or can be customised in a variety of ways to fit your unique gamestyle through the accompanying software, the KB-460 brings forth a perfect balance of performance, quality and customisation options.

Specs: Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, full N-key roll over anti-ghosting, Func Mode, customizable backlight, palm rest, 2x USB ports, Plug and Play, re-assignable buttons, on-board customisable profiles, integrated media controls.

Speedlink Methron 2.1 Subwoofer Speaker System

RRP: £59.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: Take your game’s sound quality to the next level and transport yourself to a powerful dimension in sound with the Methron 2.1 Subwoofer System. It combines the quality of cutting-edge audio technology with the high standards you place on your speakers’ performance.

Specs: Active 2.1 speaker system, 45W RMS output power, 90W peak power, powerful subwoofer with wooden housing, satellite speakers angled with metal grill protectors, separate practical volume and bass controls, on/off switch and auto power-saving mode, practical desktop remote, rubber feet for acoustic decoupling, audio adapter cable (1m).

Gigabyte Uranium Wireless Optical Mouse

RRP: £99.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: Uranium is a silver-gray metallic element. Under certain conditions it can readily be split, yielding tremendous amount of energy and heat. Aivia Uranium is your professional gaming gear, delivering extraordinary power to all your game plays. The included Ghost Macro Station is your control center built for pro-gaming tasks, functioning as a dynamic status display, hot-switchable macro system and instant charging dock.

Specs: Dynamic status OLED display, GamePlay wireless technology, 50 hours continuous gameplay, 6500dpi twin-eye laser engine, 2.4Ghz wireless, DPI switch, 1000Hz report rate, Ghost engine.

Roccat Sense Meteor Blue High Precision Gaming Mousepad

RRP: £17.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: The Sense’s ultra-soft cloth construction takes advantage of a highly-calibrated blend of advanced speed, control and ergonomic features, delivering optimal gliding and comfort in a slim, stable and rugged design – a highly-tuned battle mix engineered to deliver out-of-this-world command capability.

Specs: Minimised friction, microcrystalline coating, ultra-soft cloth base, optimum gliding area, 400x280mm surface, rubberised backing, 2mm height.

Speedlink Torid Wireless Gamepad for


RRP: £24.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: The Torid Gamepad is a universal game controller: use it to play the latest blockbusters as well as to re-experience classics. The gamepad lets you switch really easily between the two current controller technologies, XInput and DirectInput, at the press of a button. With this unique compatibility, almost every game is covered.

Specs: Wireless PC and PS3 gamepad, 2.4GHz wireless technology (range of up to 8m), dual-Mode technology (XInput and DirectInput), digital eight-way D-pad, ergonomically positioned left stick, on/off switchable turbo fire function, 600mAh Li-polymer battery, compact nano USB receiver, vibration, includes USB charging cable (80cm).

Genius GX SW-G5.1 3500 80W 5.1 Channel Gaming Speakers

RRP: £90

Distributor: Target Components

They say: SW-G5.1 3500 delivers a rich 80 watts of dynamic digital surround sound effects from a 5.1 source input. With a heart thumping 6.5 watt subwoofer, SW-G5.1 3500 explodes with deep bass. The dual input is great for use with a PC 5.1 sound card, PC, MP3/CD player or TV audio devices. Just use the remote control to adjust the volume and bass, or change to a different two or 5.1 channel input source. The subwoofer LED displays random colors when playing music or movies for visual impact.

Specs: 80W total output (10W per satellite and 30W subwoofer), 6.5-inch driver, standby mode selection, remote control, headphone jack, LED indicator.

Speedlink Decus 5000DPI Laser Gaming Mouse

SRP: £34.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: The Decus is a professional gaming mouse with fully customisable functions and an ultra precise laser sensor with adjustable resolution from 400 to 5,000dpi. Features seven programmable buttons and internal profile memory of 128kb.

Specs: Fully customisable functions, laser sensor, seven programmable buttons including dpi switch and rapid-fire, macro editor, internal profile memory (128kb), auto-loading game profiles, USB polling rate configurable up to 1,000Hz (ultrapolling), ergonomic design with grippy scroll wheel and finger indents, flexible USB cable with hard-wearing sheath (1.8m).

Gigabyte M8000X Ghost 6000dpi Pro Laser Mouse

RRP: £45

Distributor: Target Components

They say: The Gigabyte M8000X is a super powerful weapon designed especially for gamers. Equipped with a 6,000dpi pro-laser engine, it supports high-speed movement and accurate precision. The on-board Ghost Engine memory is capable of 45 button assignments with macro editing and storing customisable macros that let you bring your unique settings wherever you go – use them on other PCs without software.

Specs: Pro-laser, 6,000dpi, built-in 32KB Ghost engine with support for 45 button assignments, Omron 10 million lifecycle switch, seven weight combinations for tuning – with 38g added.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SRP: £149.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: The most advanced, most customisable mechanical keyboard ever – nobody comes close. Introducing the illuminated Roccat Ryos MK Pro mechanical gaming keyboard. With an eye-watering number of configuration options and Cherry MX key switches, you can break out – and unleash the gaming beast within.

Specs: Per-key illumination, Easy-Shift[+], N-Key rollover, two 32-bit ARM, Cortex processors, 2MB of flash memory, Cherry MX mechanical key switches, smudge-proof glossy look, integrated media hub, jumbo-size integrated wrist rest, Roccat Talk set bonus.

Trust GXT 26 wired surround headset

SRP: £44.99

Distributor: Exertis Gem, Ingram Micro

They say: USB headset with true 5.1 high performance surround sound (eight built in speakers) and adjustable microphone.

Specs: Over-ear style, USB connection, 5.1 surround sound, soft padded ear pads, self-adjusting headband, integrated volume remote control with volume mute and microphone mute, 2.2m cable.

Speedlink Medusa NX USB 7.1 Surround

Gaming Headset

RRP: £69.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: Enjoy a new dimension in surround sound: the Medusa NX USB 7.1 combines the brilliance and awesome sound power of the legendary Medusa range with seven virtual channels for unprecedented sound precision.

Specs: USB connector, virtual 7.1 technology, flexible microphone for crystal-clear voice chat, inline remote, 360g, integrated 7.1 USB sound card, customisable audio driver options, collapsible earcups, 2.6m cable.

QPAD MK-85 Pro Gaming Keyboard

RRP: £149.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: For gamers, it’s all about the feel and functionality and that is where the QPAD MK-85 truly shines. With a full size keyboard layout in three sections, gaming profiles, macro recording, mechanical key switches, media keys and full N-Key roll over via USB, it’s the perfect gaming keyboard.

Specs: Full N-Key roll over via USB, Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, ultra-durable programmable keys designed to last 50 million strokes, individual LED back light on every key, gold-plated USB connectors, media keys, two USB 2.0 ports.

Roccat Kone Pure Optical 4000DPI Core Performance Gaming Mouse

RRP: £64.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: The Kone Pure Optical combines the functionality and ergonomic shape of the Kone Pure with an ultra-precise optical sensor. Adjustable to 400, 800, 1,200, 1,600, 2,000, 3,200 and 4,000 DPI, the Pro-Optic (R3) optical sensor delivers lag-free speed and control.

Specs: 4,000 DPI Pro-Optical (R3) sensor, Roccat Click Master technology, Easy-Shift[+] button duplicator, 32-Bit turbo core V2 processor, 16.8 million-colour lighting, Roccat driver, macro manager and achievements display.

Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZxR Wireless Gaming Headset

RRP: £249.99

Distributor: VIP Computers

They say: FullSpectrum drivers can reproduce the entire audio spectrum, so you won’t miss a beat. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) detects and cancels out ambient noise electronically. The SB-Axx1 processor delivers improved audio in real-time.

Specs: SB-Axx1 audio processor, CrystalVoice, up to eight hours battery life, FullSpectrum drivers, Voice Focus Beamforming microphones, Active Noise Cancellation, TalkThrough, USB 2.0, Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate and NFC.

Roccat Kave XTD 5.1 Digital Gaming Headset

RRP: £149.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: With three driver units per earcup aligned at a 12-degree angle, the headset delivers immersive and crisp sound. The Kave XTD 5.1 Digital includes a fully-equipped desktop remote with a built-in premium 5.1 sound card and Roccat Smart Link; a technology that lets users pair their smartphone to the remote via Bluetooth.

Specs: Desktop remote, built-in 5.1 sound card, Smart Link Bluetooth technology, audio controls, detachable microphone with mute LED, robust and comfortable design.

K-World USB2800D USB DVD Maker

SRP: £20

Distributor: Target Components

They say: This device is an extremely easy-to-use and affordable way to record gaming footage and digitise your old home videos onto DVDs. It can capture television broadcasts and VHS/DVD output, and creates the files for your PC. You can edit the content, upload it to the web, email video clips or copy it straight to recordable DVD.

Specs: USB 2.0, composite and S-Video inputs, external audio source input, 3.5mm audio output to sound card Line-In.

Speedlink Tyron Stereo Console Gaming Headset for PS3/Xbox/PC/Mac

RRP: £29.99

Distributor: Meroncourt

They say: Treat your ears to gutsy sound and outstanding comfort when gaming: the ultra-soft ear pads and the padded, fully adjustable headband deliver maximum gaming and chatting enjoyment, just like the rich, powerful bass.

Specs: Gaming headset for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac, voice chat and stereo gaming sound, integrated inline remote, sensitive microphone with flexible arm, adjustable headband, collapsible earcups for easy transportation, 280g, driverless installation, 4m cable.


Target Components have the Cooler Master CM Storm Speed-RX mousemat (£10 to £20 depending on size), which is developed for gaming grade sensors but works just as well with typical laser sensors. Also available from Target and Cooler Master is the Cooler Master SGK6000 Trigger Mechanical Keyboard (£110), a keyboard with the ability to register up to six simultaneous key presses and has five programmable macro keys with profile management. Profiles and custom key assignments are stored in 64KB of on-board memory.

From Exertis Gem comes the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop (£99.99) and Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop (£69.99) keyboard and mouse bundles, the Microsoft LifeChat LX-1000 webcam (£16.99), Logitech Z1250 Multimedia Speakers (£17.99), Logitech m560 Wireless Mouse (£29.99) and for racing fans, the Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel (£109.99).


Entatech: 0333 101 1000

Exertis Gem: 01279 822822

Ingram Micro: 0871 973 3000

Meroncourt: 01462 680060

Target Components: 01977 739300

VIP Computers: 0871 622 7500

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