Firm is rumoured to be developing new Android-based devices to expand the platforms reach

Google working on Android games console and wristwatch

The web giant is reportedly developing both an Android-based games console and wristwatch as it looks to bolster its position outside of the smartphone and tablet markets.

A report from The Wall Street Journal cites unnamed sources "familiar with the matter" and indicates that Google is working on the new devices, in addition to readying a new edition of its media-streaming device, the Nexus Q.

It’s unsurprising to see Google look to build upon the already dominating success of the Android platform with new avenues, particularly within the gaming market and increasingly prominent wearable tech category.

The move is also likely a response to potential moves being made by rival firms, particularly Apple, which is also believed to be hard at work on a smartwatch device of its own, whilst an Android-powered console could rival the Apple TV.

With a host of Android-based micro-consoles on the way, including the recently released Ouya, and the now-delayed Nvidia Shield, a Google branded console would likely position itself to compete with these devices.

Of course, with the Android platform already powering 75 per cent of smartphones and 57 per cent of tablets globally, the decision to release new device is as simple as Google wanting to further expand the Android brand.

As for next year? Expect an Android-based toaster.

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