Android phones in particular picked out in study into strain on mobile internet infrastructure

Rise in smartphone usage could overload mobile networks

Users of Google Android powered smartphones are in danger of clogging up mobile phone networks, which were not necessarily built to handle the ever rising levels of mobile internet traffic, claims ‘network acceleration specialist’ Napatech.

The ever increasing demand on networks driven by a huge uptake in smartphones was unanticipated a few years ago claims the firm, though its unclear why Android phones would be any more responsible than devices run by Windows Phone or Apple OS.

"The report notes that smartphones are set to overtake computers as the most used device for surfing the web, and I think this is something that few in the cellular industry could ever have predicted when the first 3G networks were rolled out back at the turn of the century," said Napatech’s Dan Joe Barry.

Since the adoption of mobile data has since far exceeded expectations, and there is a finite amount of bandwidth the networks can provide, the firm claims mobile networks need to look at ‘smarter networks and pricing solutions.’

"In this way, mobile carriers avoid the death-spiral of increasing bandwidth and traffic costs, but flat revenues – as landline Internet access providers are experiencing today," he adds.

"Most mobile carriers are actually rationing demand through data capping today, but this does not provide a satisfying user experience – quite the contrary! With better network intelligence based on real-time data carriers can respond proactively to user needs and ensure better usage experiences, while at the same time providing a platform for more intelligent management of network resources."

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