Environmental group says social networking giant could become a climate champion

Greenpeace tells Facebook to stop using coal

The executive director of Greenpeace has called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to phase out the use of coal-fired electricity.

Kumi Naidoo’s open letter to Zuckerberg is part of Greenpeace’s Cool IT campaign to get technology giants to become climate champions.

“Other cloud-based companies face similar choices and challenges as you do in building data centers, yet many are making smarter and cleaner investments. Google, for instance, entered into a long-term agreement with a large wind power producer earlier this month. It has demonstrated that it is not only possible to prioritize the purchase of clean energy, but prudent as well,” Naidoo wrote.

Over 500,000 Facebook users have joined Greenpeace to call on Zuckerberg and Facebook to phase out the use of coal in its Oregon data centre, which is currently being built. Burning coal contributes the largest share of CO2 emissions globally.

Image: Artist’s impression of what the Prineville, Oregon, data centre will look like once complete.

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