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Over 3,800 homes in Scotland have to get 40Mb/s service

BT hooks Fife up to super fast broadband

BT has completed installing its super fast fibre-based broadband in Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland. 

The roll-out consists of fibre optic connections to cabinets in each street which in turn allows for 40Mb/s downstream rates and 10Mb/s up with the potential for 60Mb/s speeds later, BT said. The proximity of fibre raises the possibility of fibre connections directly to the premises for even faster speeds. 

"As our roll-out of super-fast, fibre-based broadband continues, many more people in other parts of the country, including around 20,000 in Dunfermline, can look forward to faster speeds in the pipeline. We are very open to holding discussions with the public sector to explore ways of bringing super-fast, fibre-based broadband to locations where the economics are more challenging," said BT Scotland director Brendon Dick.

BT said that further roll-out plans are due to be announced later this year.

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