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25 per cent wish they'd spent longer researching before buying a laptop

UK shoppers spend over ?3bn on unsuitable electricals

British shoppers spend more than £3 billion a year on electrical goods that don’t suit their needs, research has found.

The study, conducted by consumer review website Reevoo.com, discovered that nearly a third of shoppers have purchased an electrical product they later regreted buying because of spending too little time researching it and reading reviews.

In particular, one in five people surveyed wished they had spent more time looking into which laptop would be best for them.

According to the study, over three quarters of those surveyed said that they now spend more time seeking advice before purchasing electrical goods than they did two years ago – in some cases, up to 20 hours longer.

Glaswegians proved the least cautious in buying electricals, with 48 per cent claiming to have spent an average of almost £300 on products they later realised weren’t right for them. Cardiff residents were the savviest in the survey.

Men were found to spend an average of £50 per year more than women on electrical goods that don’t meet their expectations.

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