Government proposes legislation after Facebook group sides with attacker

Italy considers web restrictions following Berlusconi assault

The Italian Government is reported to be considering extreme measures, after a Facebook page created for Silvio Berlusconi’s attacker garnered 100,000 members in 48 hours.

According to Mac World, the Italian Interior Minister Roberto Maroni pledged to take action against those who instigate violence online and hinted that emergency measures might be taken to criminalise such activity.

In his original statement, Maroni hinted that the Italian Government was considering measures such as imposing fines on hate-crime offenders and the introduction of web filters. However, following a storm of controversy, he was forced to reassure Italian voters that such measures would fully debated in Parliament.

Facebook has been criticised in Italy for a perceived slow reaction to complaints about Mafia fan groups or pages entitled ‘Let’s Kill Berlusconi’.

“Promoting violence or posting threatening content is not permitted on Facebook," read a statement from Facebook. "We will take quick action to respond to reports and remove any content reported to us that makes direct threats against an individual.”

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