Clarification offered after December edition dealer poll

Retail Survey: An apology

PCR would like to apologise for any distress or embarrassment caused by errors of judgement within a part of the retail survey published in our December print edition.

The survey was a straw poll of 100 PCR readers, nothing more scientific than that, and we hoped it would offer an insight into confidence within the channel about business prospects for 2010 and certain product areas. We largely achieved this.

But due to the poll’s unscientific nature, PCR should not have included a question looking for opinions on best service amongst distributors and anyone reading the results should not set too much store by its findings. There are many different kinds of distributors in the PCR world, offering a variety of services so judging them all at the same time, without clearly set criteria, and publishing a ‘league table’ was unwise.

The results as published were also beset with sub-editing errors which further undermined their value and accuracy.

So we are saying sorry, it won’t happen again. We pride ourselves on the information, analysis and insight we provide for the entire channel on a daily basis through print and online.

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